The Hub Newry was formed in 2012 and provide a range of flexi working and support services in two separate locations within Newry city centre. When we first spoke with Suzanne Murdock (mother hubber) at their offices in Newry they were looking for a solution to help them to standardise their processes and to give them a framework within which they can strive to provide the best quality of service possible to their clients.
Initially Suzanne had researched with other flexi working space providers to look for an off the shelf solution but realised that there was very little available, and in fact as quite a young industry a lot of the software and support wasn’t readily available in the wider community.

The company reached out to the Tax Café to assist with the project as they already provide outsourced finance services for the business, and we knew that the Director Deborah Lynch in addition to being an experienced accountant is also a qualified project manager and certified ISO auditor.


Following an initial consultation with the company the key deliverables for the project were
Within the first month of commencing the project the Tax Café had a full set of documented procedures drawn up along with approved templates and forms which allowed us to go live with our Quality Management System in April of this year.

Since then, Deborah Lynch has worked closely with the business in developing and reviewing the systems implemented to ensure that the system was working as required.

  • Production of a full set of documented procedures to facilitate certification to ISO9001:2015
  • Creation of a full Quality Management system and framework for the business to operate within
  • Production of a full set of approved forms and templates for use by the business
  • A review of key business processes to identify inefficiencies, remove redundant processes and seek benefits from automating of recurring and admin heavy work.
  • Identify methods of reducing the administrative burden involved in many of the processes.
  • To provide support training and implementation of the Quality Management system.


We’re delighted that we have now received our full ISO 9001:2015 certification without any issues. In addition to providing us with a standard framework within which we can operate on a day-to-day basis some of the key benefits we can see from having gone through this process is.

  • It promotes a strong emphasis on continuous improvement and development
  • It forces us to look closely at how and why we do things in a certain way, and if in fact we need to do them at all
  • As part of the Quality Management System, we’ve developed a key set of KPI reports that help us to track how we’re doing in terms of meeting our Quality objectives
  • It’s taught us that ISO certification is about always striving to be the best we can, and that the audits and checks within the system aren’t about creating a stick to beat ourselves with but rather to help us focus our attention on the when and why’s if things go wrong so that we can use these to avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over.
  • In the past we struggled to get our heads round how to develop a system that would encompass all the different aspects of our business, and this has been the perfect solution for us.


Having now successfully implemented their own Quality Management System Suzanne is keen to work with other businesses within the flexi working and business community to assist them with developing their systems and creating a quality focused business approach.

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with our decision to develop our quality management system and have it fully certified. We are delighted with the work put in by the Tax Café to help us get this project over the line and would highly recommend them in future.

Suzanne Murdock (Director) The Hub Newry 2.0 Ltd

Written by Debbie
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