With information on the coronavirus outbreak changing almost hour by hour, it’s hard to figure out what support is available for your small business. As a team we are committed to helping all small businesses whether clients or not in getting through this difficult time!.

We are here to offer assistance with information regarding support available, helping with claims, preparing cash flows/accounts/speaking with creditors on your behalf or anything else we can do to help.

As a small business we understand how hard this is for small businesses to survive, so we are offering to differ billing for work until businesses are in receipt of financial assistance and the cashflow burden has eased. We are also offering a 15% discount on our current rates to try and help.

If you wish to speak with us confidentially, please complete the contact form or email us on: [email protected]

Wishing you all the best.

The Tax Cafe NI Team

Written by Debbie
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